Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Changing Libraries

I just finished reading an article published in the August edition of American School Board Journal called "The Changing Library". In this article, the author talks about the impact that a library can have on a school. She gives examples of schools that were consistently performing on the low end academically, administrators decided to put more money and time into their school libraries, and the performance of the students drastically improved. I think it is really interesting to hear her perspective and how it matches with the content that is being taught in the LM program at UCA. Every administrator and library media specialist needs to read this article.....why then is it in ASchool Board Journal??? I certainly hope that at least one board member in every district in Arkansas receives and reads this journal. It is in this months edition. http://ursa.uca.edu/cp/tag.e3c40aa12a173824.render.userLayoutRootNode.uP?uP_root=root&uP_sparam=activeTab&activeTab=u11l1s26&uP_tparam=frm&frm=frame
This is the library link. It also has some fabulous pictures of school libraries around the nation that will definitely make an LMS jealous!

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