Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hunger Games-The Movie

While reading an article in the June edition of School Library Journal, I learned that my favorite book and new series by Suzanne Collins will be made into a movie. The Hunger Games was a fascinating story line. It created an interest in my students that was phenomenal. I read it a total of three times during the school year and never got tired of it. Throughout the book I was amazed at Collins's ability to create vivid images in the mind of the reader. By using Katniss and her thoughts, the reader is able to feel and understand her every move and thought. After learning that this book would be made into a movie, I looked a little further on my trusty web and found that others have the same concerns that I do. It is impossible to make a movie out of this story that will be able to compare to the awesome story told in the book. I am never a fan of movies made from books. In fact, I think it is a reflection on the lack of creativity in Hollywood that so many movies being made today are based on novels.....but this book made into a movie is even more out of reach than normal in my opinion. Being able to grasp Katniss thoughts and feelings while putting the terribly graphic story line on the screen leaves me with the thought that there is no way this can be pulled off.

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